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Every day, parents all over Denver drop off their children at daycare as they head to work. These parents place trust in the daycare and its employees to keep their children safe from harm. Usually a daycare center is successful in this goal, but there are times when children at daycare are injured.

This may be your worst nightmare as a parent because your focus is on your child’s well-being. Following the incident, you may want to consider pursuing legal action against the daycare. It is important to understand the necessary steps to take after an injury has occurred.

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Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim 

If your child was hurt while at daycare, you should think about filing a personal injury claim on behalf of your child.

In order to prevail on a personal injury claim against a daycare, you will have to prove negligence, addressing each of the elements:

  • Duty of Care
  • Breach of duty of care
  • Causation
  • Foreseeability
  • Damages

Duty of Care & Breach of that Duty  

Duty of care arises when there is a special relationship between the parties and when the well-being of one party depends on the other.

A child care center has a duty of care to all children under their supervision to protect them from harm. When a daycare provider fails to do what is reasonably necessary to protect its children, it breaches its duty of care.

A breach of the duty of care can result from various situations:

  • Hazardous toys or playground equipment
  • Lack of supervision
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Physical abuse


In order to prevail in your personal injury claim against the daycare center, it is not enough just to prove it breached its duty to your child. The daycare center’s negligence must have directly or proximately caused the injury to your child. In other words, the breach of the duty of care directly caused your child’s injury.

An example would be if a daycare employee was not supervising your child properly and the child fell off playground equipment. This type of injury was caused by the daycare’s negligent supervision.  


The nature of the incident must also be reasonably foreseeable to the daycare. In the above example, if the daycare center had a playground, it would be reasonably foreseeable that without proper supervision a child could fall and sustain injuries.


Lastly, you must show that the injury caused actual damages. One of the easiest ways to prove damages is through medical expenses.

If your child’s injuries required doctor or hospital visits, you can use the documentation from these visits to prove your child’s damages.

If there are ongoing medical complications that resulted from the injury, they may also contribute to your child’s damages.

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