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Although all-terrain vehicles, commonly called ATVs, are classified as recreational vehicles, this does not mean that drivers and passengers are immune from injury or death while operating such a vehicle. Many ATVs can travel in excess of 30 miles per hour and lack many of the safety features found in automobiles and trucks. In an ATV accident, occupants may suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other catastrophic and even fatal injuries.

At Zinda Law Group, our Denver ATV accident lawyers have years of experience assisting ATV accident injury victims in recovering compensation following their wrecks. Our personal injury lawyers are prepared and poised to help you or your loved one obtain monetary damages for your losses and expenses associated with an ATV wreck brought about by someone else’s carelessness.

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Am I Entitled to Compensation for My ATV Accident Injuries?

Not every ATV accident entitles you to monetary damages for your losses, regardless of how severe your injuries or expenses actually are. In order to be able to bring an ATV accident lawsuit, another person’s careless or reckless acts must be determined to be the cause of the accident and your resulting injuries. Individuals injured under the following and other similar circumstances may be entitled to pursue a claim of compensation:

  • Careless operation of an ATV: If another ATV operator drives their vehicle in a careless manner–for example, speeding or not paying attention to their surroundings–and then collides with you and your ATV or causes your ATV to crash, that driver may be held liable for your injuries and expenses.
  • Lack of supervision: If a parent allows their child to operate an ATV without proper instruction and supervision and the child causes a crash that injures you, the parents of the child may be held responsible for the accident and your resulting injuries, especially if the child is very young or was permitted to drive an ATV that was too powerful for the child to reasonably control.
  • Failure of safety equipment: Serious and fatal injuries can result if the safety equipment you are wearing, such as a helmet or eye protection, malfunctions or does not work as anticipated. If you use a piece of safety equipment as directed but one or more defects cause you to suffer an injury you would not otherwise have suffered, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the product’s manufacturer.

In all ATV accident cases, it is important to have your case examined by an experienced and knowledgeable ATV crash attorney who can analyze the facts and circumstances of your case and advise you as to your legal options for recovery. Zinda Law Group understands that recovering compensation as quickly as possible is important to you, and we will devote our resources to helping you accomplish this goal.

Do I Need a Denver ATV Accident Lawyer?

If you are entitled to monetary compensation for your ATV accident-related injuries, you need the assistance of an experienced Denver law firm with a proven record of assisting others in your position.

At Zinda Law Group, our Denver ATV accident attorneys can help you identify the individual responsible for contributing to your crash and then hold them accountable for their careless or reckless actions. You should not have to bear the financial burden that your ATV accident injury causes you and your family. Call us today at 800-863-5312 for a 100% free legal consultation.