How to Get a Crash Report

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In the state of Colorado, it is required by law for there to be an accident report filed for every traffic accident. This is very beneficial if you are filing a claim with the insurance company, because without one, recovery for damages will be much slower and more challenging.

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Denver Accident Report

How to Apply for a Crash Report

Once you have filed your car accident claim and the insurance company has asked for the accident report, you will need to submit your request through the Denver Police Department.

In Denver, accident reports are only available by mail order. By using this link, you will be able to access the Denver Police Department Accident Report Request Form. The form includes clear instructions for completing this form. Once it is filled out, you will need to include a $10 money order or check and mail it to the Denver Police Department (address provided on the request form). They also request that you include a stamped self-addressed envelope to receive the report.

The accident report will contain very important details that pertain to the motor vehicle accident you were involved in. Details such as parties involved, where it took place, who the officer found to be at fault, and the events following the initial crash should be included. All of these factors will be very important to your claim. Having a detailed account from a third party will make it much easier to determine fault for the accident and proceed with your case. Car accidents can be very expensive in regards to both injuries and property damage, so you will want to obtain anything that will help to recover these damages.

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