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How To Negotiate An Injury Claim With Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is a popular insurance company in Denver that insures many local drivers. Progressive Insurance wants to be known as a company that gives its customers discount rates on their insurance. Discounted insurance rates benefit the consumer and not necessarily the person injured by the driver.

The problem many people in the Denver area encounter when negotiating with Progressive is that their claims adjusters work hard to pay out as little as possible. Because Progressive claims to charge discounted rates for their customers, the company itself has a smaller pool of money from which they can settle claims. Consequently, their settlements must be smaller if the company wants to make money. Progressive Insurance is a for-profit company. Therefore, it is safe to assume the company wants to make a profit.

There are no hard and fast rules when negotiating with claims adjusters. You should be aware that claims adjusters are trained negotiators. That does not mean you cannot attempt negotiating with them. It simply means that you should be on your game when you do.

Progressive’s claims adjusters may take the position that you should receive compensation for your injuries. If their customer clearly caused the crash in which you were injured, then they will agree that you deserve some compensation. The question for them is how much do you deserve.  Progressive’s claims adjuster might have a different opinion than you. For example, if you claim that the accident caused you to endure physical therapy three times a week for three months, the claims adjuster could counter and say that you should have only gone twice per week based on the severity of your injury. Another common tactic is to argue that your injury was not a new injury but an exacerbation of an old injury. The adjuster will tell you that you should get some money but will reduce the value of your claim.

How do you get the adjuster to see it your way and settle your claim for the amount you deem just? It is not easy, but there are a few skills you can develop to help you level the negotiating playing field.  Consider:

  • Establishing a rapport with the claims adjuster by mimicking or mirroring their tone of voice and repeating the last couple of words they said. Conversely, watch out for this tactic. This is a way to get a person to reveal something they are trying to hide.
  • Confront the weaknesses in your case before they do. It will take the sting out of their counter-argument. But, be empathetic about it. Do not come out and attack but use an approach something like, “It sounds like you are concerned about how many times I went to physical therapy…” That disarms the argument and puts you in a stronger position to explain why all of those appointments were medically necessary.
  • Get the adjuster to say “no” to a minor point. Saying “no” makes everyone feel empowered. Pushing for a “yes” makes people defensive.
  • Getting the claims adjuster to agree by summarizing their point of view is also a powerful tactic. If they respond with, “that’s right” you are on the right track. One former FBI negotiator believes that this is the moment you can reach an agreement because you have displayed empathy for the other person’s position.

Consult Our Injury Attorneys For Help Negotiating Against Progressive

Keeping your emotions in check during claims negotiations is extremely difficult. Getting overly emotional and losing rationality will only diminish your opportunity to settle for the amount you want. The better option may be to allow the experienced accident attorneys from Zinda Law Group to handle your negotiations with Progressive Insurance.  Contact us at 303-800-1501 today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can possibly help you with your claim if you were hurt by a driver insured by Progressive Insurance.



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