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Progressive Insurance is another one of those car insurance companies that you see constantly advertising in Denver and across the United States. They want you to believe, as the name of the company would indicate, they are “progressive” and at the vanguard of car insurance coverage.

Incorporating a fun-loving and identifiable character into their television commercials gives the impression that the company is easy to deal with and will pay claims in a timely and just manner.  That might not be the case all of the time. What Progressive’s advertisements depict is that purchasing insurance coverage is easy. What they conveniently leave out is that convincing them to pay a claim is not as equally easy. “Flo” does not play a claims adjuster.

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You Should Expect Progressive to Undervalue Your Claim

Progressive, like every other insurance company, is a for-profit corporation. The claims adjusters have incentives to settle claims for less than they are worth. Selling claims short makes the company money.

You need to put yourself in a very strong negotiating position right from the start. Since the insurance industry follows a manual that lists the value of a claim, they will closely adhere to the script, so to speak. You must have the evidence to convince them to deviate from their guidelines.

Be diligent about collecting all of the police reports, medical records, and bills generated from your crash. Also, take photos of your car, the other driver’s car, the scene of the auto accident, and your injuries. A claims adjuster will know that going to trial may lose the company more money, which in turn can cause them to increase their settlement offer if you are well prepared when negotiating.

You Should Expect Progressive to Offer You A Small, Quick Settlement

If you’ve been in a Denver auto accident, Progressive might send an adjuster out to see you if you suffered injuries from the car crash. If you file a claim against a person insured by Progressive, the company will assign a claims adjuster to evaluate the insured and company’s liability to you.

Depending on the situation, the claims adjuster might give you a quick settlement for your trouble shortly after the car accident. Offering a quick settlement puts money in a person’s pocket a few days after the accident. Progressive might also include an agreement to repair your damaged car and cover your medical bills for the 30 days immediately after your auto accident, along with a small amount of money for other damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A quick and easy settlement sounds like a good deal on the surface. If you only have a few bumps and bruises, then it is great. The problem arises when those bumps and bruises are actually more serious injuries. What if you accept the quick settlement, but what you thought were bumps turn out to be nerve damage or a severe sprain? You are stuck.

Taking a settlement offer and signing a release means that you cannot file another claim against the driver Progressive insured. A release is a contract, and its terms may be enforced in court. Therefore, you should not sign a release without having an experienced Denver personal injury attorney review it first.

In fact, the best option might be to reject the quick settlement offer and wait until you are certain that you do not have long lasting injuries and all of your medical treatment is complete before you negotiate in earnest.

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